Abbey is “on-deck”

Poor Abbey, she’s looking very pregnant at present. She had a foal as a 4-yr old in Germany, and has been in sport since then so she has an athletic build. She is carrying “high & wide” and this photo does not do her size justice. The belly is WIDE, but she hasn’t started to drop yet. Her calculated “due” date has Aug 3 as ETA for the Cabardino foal she is carrying, and it looks like she’s on-target. The look she has on her pretty face these days says she’s ready to get the show on the road, and carrying around the extra weight is slowing her down a bit. Her pasture-buddy is now consistently beating her to the gate, and that’s not making her very happy.


What a gem!

Our newest arrival has totally stolen our hearts. On Saturday, July 11 we welcomed Cocarina’s newest addition “Glasgow’s Ruby”. She’s a fiesty filly that exudes athleticism and demonstrates a phenomenal canter as she leaps and frolics. Full of sass, and the apple of her mother’s eye – this one is special and she clearly knows it. Cocarina is a kind-hearted mother who is taking excellent care of her little gem. Ruby was purchased in-utero, and I hope she brings joy to her new owner – this is quite the filly!



Glasgow's Ruby 1D old


Ruby pedigree
Glasgow’s Ruby; 07.11.2020 

2020 Aspirations & Outlook

It’s a New Year, and I am looking forward to what’s ahead. We have 3 really fantastic foals expected, and plans for this year’s breeding season are well underway. I have 3 youngsters from my program available, and I would like to sell 1-2 this year.

My darling Fabriana is at 235 days gestation with her Diacontinus foal, and is starting to look and feel pregnant. We still go for our hacks, but they are shorter and our pace more moderate. I’m amazed by this girl, she is the epitome of the G-line Hanoverian. Solid, worker bee. Sound as a dollar at 22 years old, a great work ethic and super-smart. Not a “mushy” mare, or one who likes any attention but wow, get on and get going. That’s when the fun starts!

Brie has 2 secrets. Will it be grey? Is it a filly? About 100 more days and I we’ll find out!

Diacontinus (Diarado/Contendro/Argentinus)

Charmed by Daisy

Our darling Daisy arrived in the early morning hours on June 16th; Father’s Day. Even though she was “early” (318 days); we had a vigorous filly that exuded class right from the start. Dark bay with delicate fine features, and 4 little lacey white socks – she won our hearts immediately with her friendly easy-going character.

We had been out for dinner on Saturday evening, and when we got home the weather was “odd”, so I decided to bring Coco into the barn for her evening meal and check-up. I had started testing her milk, even though with placentitis I was aware it might not be reliable. I wasn’t quite sure I’d get much notice of foaling, given her condition and was worried we might not be able to predict when she’d foal. When we checked her milk that evening, sure enough there was a notable change. I thought I’d better get the straw down, and keep her in for the evening. I guess she was waiting for the “invitation”, she sure didn’t waste much time. Most efficient foal-watch ever, night one. Boom!

As an early arrival, Daisy was a tiny foal and dysmature. We are lucky to have a great big foaling stall, so her first week we kept her under a close watch in the safety of her stall to continue her development. Coco is a fabulous mother for her foal; she is gentle and loving, and takes excellent care of her beautiful filly. Coco seemed well aware of the need to keep her filly quiet, safe and well fed. Always an angel to work with, she is just top-class all around – a fabulous broodmare and wonderful role-model for her filly. Not quite a month old now, Daisy is a robust bundle of muscle that exudes athleticism.



Foals on the farm…

Foals: nothing brings the farm to life like a new foal!

Below, 2016 colt Super Sonic is still unfolding his long legs. Play, sleep, eat, repeat!


Sonic is maturing into a charming and handsome 3-yr old, and he’s found his perfect person.  I love watching their journey, I can see a great-beginning. They have a truly unique relationship developing that I think you can only get with a horse that you raise. The are both having fun along the way, and I see a bright future ahead for Sonic.

Right now, I trying to finalize my breeding decisions for 2019. I’m anxiously awaiting Cocarina’s foal in 7-8 weeks, with excitement and apprehension. The care and support for foaling can be taxing, there’s always a worry of trouble and even the first few days of an easy, normal foaling represents quite a bit of care and extra work. I’m excited to meet the foal, and view the product of a thoroughly researched and planned breeding decision. I think it was a good one, but can’t wait to see what we get!


Getting ready for Baby D!

It’s a cold, wet rainy morning and I am looking forward to green grass.

Cocarina is now @240 days gestation, so she’s excited that she get to start on broodmare rations and more “eats” and I’m excited that I can see her Diamo Blue baby jumping around in her big tummy. Coco is shedding out her winter woolies, and pretty soon we’ll see a shiny, dappled but slightly pudgy beauty, and watch her belly grow.

Video of 2019 Baby D

A few more weeks after that, we’ll have big news to share!

Cocarina 2002 HOLST Jumper mare
Cocarina (Coriano / Carolus I / Calypso II) 2002 HOLST Jumper mare, successful in sport, now expecting a July foal by Diamo Bl

My first attempts to create promotional video…

What to do on a miserable, cold winter night? Take a crack at creating some promotional videos for our coming foal. Stellar pedigree, this one will JUMP but I also expect the form and style for a top-class hunter from this cross. Available for sale in-utero. Diamo Blue x Cocarina

And our darling Geronimo. Not sure if we can part with him, he’s rather spectacular. 2018 Hanoverian

New Year’s thoughts

On a dreary wet New Year’s eve, I am dreaming of Spring and counting the days down to the arrival of our 2019 foal from Cocarina. She needed some routine dental care and vaccination, so while she was in the barn we had a peek to confirm her pregnancy.

Her foal is expected early July, right now she’s at ~150+ days of gestation, so I can envision a bunny-sized foal developing inside. It seems a long time to wait, 6 months to go. Coco looks a picture of health, she has short but very thick shiny winter coat with a good shine, rich deep coat colour and a shiny bright eye. She’s always well behaved and good to handle, but you can tell she’s feeling good in her skin and has lots of energy. She’s just a teeny bit pudgy, enough to be comfortable living outside and give her some feminine curves. Coco is the queen of the farm right now, she seems to be the #1 Boss Lady and loves her rank. She is a very vocal mare, and it seems she likes to “shout orders” at the rest of the crew, if they are out of sight, or she spots me returning from a ride on one of the others – she really hollers. Not sure what she’s saying, but the tone conveys it should be obeyed, immediately. I’m not sure if it’s the pregnancy hormones, or her normal rank but she sure seems to have a lot to say some days!

I’m looking forward to seeing how she produces with Diamo Blue. In 2019, I have to decide if we try again with frozen Quintero la Silla as I had planned. Right now, I am still researching her options. With her regal jumper-bloodlines, and her queen-of-the-farm attitude, she’s clearly looking for a prince!