Goodbye winter, hello Spring!

Tomorrow will be the first day of Spring, and I am longing for sunshine and green fields to welcome this year’s foals. A naughty wind is blowing around some fresh snow, and my resolve to keep riding year round is failing me today. We have frozen crusty snowbanks and footing that isn’t safe, so I am inside dreaming of warmer days.

March 20 officially marks the first day of Spring, and brings us closer to welcoming our 2023 foals. I’m dreaming of little fuzzy foal whiskers and floppy baby ears. Sweet mare nickers to warm my heart, as they talk to their new arrivals. The barn is stocked with the best bales of second cut, clean bright straw and soon we’ll be starting our foal watch.

Avery will be first up, she is at D307 of her pregnancy. She is a maiden mare, and her athletic form and tall stature has kept her foal tucked up and well hidden but her growing width and early changed to her udder gives away her secret. A few weeks from her expected delivery, she has a ravenous appetite and a nice layer of pudge so she is getting ready for motherhood.

Britta isn’t keeping any secrets; she’s stretching out her blanket, the surcingles are as far out as they go, and her belly is peeking out below. She’s loving her big dinners, and her very experienced broodmare tummy is in expansion mode. Like a zipper on a suitcase, she’s opened up and filling out fast – this momma has lots of room for her foal! She might look ready to pop, but she has a good 4-5 weeks to go.

Next steps are to stock up on baby enemas, get out the pool test strips and set the cameras up. We’ll be ready!

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