2023 Spot cash x Cassini ii

Hanoverian filly, born May 26. Very flashy!

Above at about 8hrs old, still lots of unfolding to do!

Sire: Spot Cash (Stolzenburg/Rebel Z/Carneval)

Dam: Abbey Road (Cassini II/Quebec/Casino Boy)

Dam: Abbey Road (Cassini II/Quebec/Casino Boy)

Abbey’s dam is a proven producer, States Premium mare Pequina has several competitive progeny including Abbey’s full-sister Winnipeg, successful at 1.40m. Her dam-line is equally impressive; dam-sire Quebec was a successful 1.60m jumper by Quick Star. Quick Star in turn, also successful at 1.60m, as were his sire Galoubet A and grand-sire, the iconic Alme.

17H imported Holsteiner mare, approved for Swedish Warmblood, Holsteiner and Hanoverian verband, Register-A for KWPN. This lovely mare scored a 9 at her MPT for free-jumping, and demonstrates the scope and power of her sire Cassini II. Abbey Road is also accepted in the Hanoverian Jumper Breeding program.

Abbey Road is a wonderful mare; in-person she’s a puppy-dog and super to work with. Her foals are friendly and easygoing, quick to learn and super to handle. This foal should be a tall, likely 16.2-17H with “bling” and jumping talent. Abbey’s foals all inherit her lovely big eye and beautiful type and wonderful character.

Abbey brings a great mix of pedigree and performance; a top quality mare – if you are looking for a prospect to develop consider this cross.

2023 Spot Cash x Abbey Road foal pedigree