Fabriana (1998-2021)

Imported 1998 Hanoverian by Fabriano, out of Graciella. Inspected in Germany prior to export, she is a Hanoverian verband main mare book approved mare with strong scores for her gaits and type. Her sire, Celle stallion Fabriano was one of the last truly versatile producers. Winner of his stallion test with strong scores for both jumping and dressage, he is noted as a producer of both dressage competitors and jumpers. In North America, he was noted as a sire of leading hunters for his ability to pass along his form and jumping style.

Fabriana’s Offspring:

2018 Grey Top (Graf Top/Singular Joter) gelding – Geronimo.

Sadly, we lost our lovely Fabriana in early 2021 . This wonderful mare will be missed dearly as she was one of the special ones dear to my heart. Run free, sweet girl.

Fabriana Fabriano Wendulan Wendekreis
Agmara Azur
Graciella Graf Douglas Grande
Luna Lugano I


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Fabriana was imported from Germany to the US, where she competed in both the Dressage and Hunter disciplines before moving on to the jumper ring. Her jumping style is impeccable, a phenomenal bascule over fences, tight form, and strong “springs”. In the dressage ring, she displays her 3 fantastic supple gaits. She’s an amateur-owner’s dream; straightforward, bold and honest in her work with plenty of talent and an ever-willing attitude.

Fabriana was a super-star, a versatile and hardy mare – was still going strong, sound and fit at 23 until we sadly lost her in January. Truthfully, she was so much fun to ride it was tough to give her time out for her broodmare duties. She continued to hack and remained in work throughout most of her gestations, and with her great work ethic she always returned to work shortly after foaling and  loved it.

Fabriana’s first foal, 2009 Hanoverian mare Riverside (originally named Double or Nothing, by Don Alfredo) is a leading hunter with a long list of career accomplishments. Her form over fences, overall balance and proportions reflect her mother’s influence. Currently leading USEF Amateur-owner Hunter 3’3″ with Holly Labry, we wish this pair the best as they continue demonstrating great performance in the 2018 season.

A few of Riverside’s performance highlights:

  • 2017 #1 USEF Amateur-owner Hunter 3’3″
  • 2016 #1 USEF Amateur-owner Hunter 3’3″
  • 2015 #3 USEF Amateur-owner Hunter 3’3″

Riverside (Don Alfredo x Fabriana) 2009 Hanoverian mare, pictured below: