FALL slow-down & catch-up

It’s been a busy year and I haven’t taken time to share some updates. We had a few new additions to the farm this past year, and more planned for 2022.

Abbey Road and Cocarina were both accepted into the Hanoverian Jumper Breeder Program – signifying they are elite mares suitable for breeding top-level jumpers. They bring quality jumper-bloodlines from Holstein, to complement their proven performance in sport and breeding. Both have yearling fillies that have developed so well, I’m beyond proud to have bred Calla (Cabardino x Abbey Road) and Glasgow’s Ruby (Glasgow x Cocarina) – they are looking fabulous!

Avaia had her Hotline filly on June 21, I had been milk-testing and had decided that it was going to be her first night of “foal watch”. Well, we didn’t make it till night. She got the message, and was down and getting ready to push when I went out after dinner to bring her in. A fast easy delivery, despite the size of our new arrival. Havana made her entrance, and very quickly found a big spot in my heart.

Having a foal on the ground certainly makes you motivated to go through the endless research, semen searches, multiple mare checks and coordination required to successfully execute a breeding plan. I’m excited to share that we have 3 foals confirmed for 2022.

Coco x Glasgow

Abbey Road x Jethro Tull

Avaia x Light my Fire

As we come into the US Thanskgiving weekend, Coco and Abbey are fat and sassy and just past their 50% mark. They are spending their days lounging and still moving around their field quite a bit for late fall grazing, or snoozing in their shed.

Avaia is still nursing her tank of a filly; I think she’s is on countdown to her coming “vacation” as we prepare to wean her Havana over the Christmas holiday. I get the feeling Avaia is looking forward to some “adult” company, I can see that she is always on-duty. With the other broodmares, she’ll have more time to rest easily while they take watch for her.

Havana will be joining our group of youngsters in the “baby” field. She’s already quite independent, and will transition well I think to join the 2 other fillies in our big front field. There will be some fun ahead!

Light My Fire (Light On/Stakkato/Argentinus)
Glasgow v.het Merelsnest (Nabab de Reve/Darco/Hedjaz)
Jethro Tull (I’m Special de Muze/Voltaire/Heartbreaker)

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