Charmed by Daisy

Our darling Daisy arrived in the early morning hours on June 16th; Father’s Day. Even though she was “early” (318 days); we had a vigorous filly that exuded class right from the start. Dark bay with delicate fine features, and 4 little lacey white socks – she won our hearts immediately with her friendly easy-going character.

We had been out for dinner on Saturday evening, and when we got home the weather was “odd”, so I decided to bring Coco into the barn for her evening meal and check-up. I had started testing her milk, even though with placentitis I was aware it might not be reliable. I wasn’t quite sure I’d get much notice of foaling, given her condition and was worried we might not be able to predict when she’d foal. When we checked her milk that evening, sure enough there was a notable change. I thought I’d better get the straw down, and keep her in for the evening. I guess she was waiting for the “invitation”, she sure didn’t waste much time. Most efficient foal-watch ever, night one. Boom!

As an early arrival, Daisy was a tiny foal and dysmature. We are lucky to have a great big foaling stall, so her first week we kept her under a close watch in the safety of her stall to continue her development. Coco is a fabulous mother for her foal; she is gentle and loving, and takes excellent care of her beautiful filly. Coco seemed well aware of the need to keep her filly quiet, safe and well fed. Always an angel to work with, she is just top-class all around – a fabulous broodmare and wonderful role-model for her filly. Not quite a month old now, Daisy is a robust bundle of muscle that exudes athleticism.



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