2020 Aspirations & Outlook

It’s a New Year, and I am looking forward to what’s ahead. We have 3 really fantastic foals expected, and plans for this year’s breeding season are well underway. I have 3 youngsters from my program available, and I would like to sell 1-2 this year.

My darling Fabriana is at 235 days gestation with her Diacontinus foal, and is starting to look and feel pregnant. We still go for our hacks, but they are shorter and our pace more moderate. I’m amazed by this girl, she is the epitome of the G-line Hanoverian. Solid, worker bee. Sound as a dollar at 22 years old, a great work ethic and super-smart. Not a “mushy” mare, or one who likes any attention but wow, get on and get going. That’s when the fun starts!

Brie has 2 secrets. Will it be grey? Is it a filly? About 100 more days and I we’ll find out!

Diacontinus (Diarado/Contendro/Argentinus)

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