Foals on the farm…

Foals: nothing brings the farm to life like a new foal!

Below, 2016 colt Super Sonic is still unfolding his long legs. Play, sleep, eat, repeat!


Sonic is maturing into a charming and handsome 3-yr old, and he’s found his perfect person.  I love watching their journey, I can see a great-beginning. They have a truly unique relationship developing that I think you can only get with a horse that you raise. The are both having fun along the way, and I see a bright future ahead for Sonic.

Right now, I trying to finalize my breeding decisions for 2019. I’m anxiously awaiting Cocarina’s foal in 7-8 weeks, with excitement and apprehension. The care and support for foaling can be taxing, there’s always a worry of trouble and even the first few days of an easy, normal foaling represents quite a bit of care and extra work. I’m excited to meet the foal, and view the product of a thoroughly researched and planned breeding decision. I think it was a good one, but can’t wait to see what we get!


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