New Year’s thoughts

On a dreary wet New Year’s eve, I am dreaming of Spring and counting the days down to the arrival of our 2019 foal from Cocarina. She needed some routine dental care and vaccination, so while she was in the barn we had a peek to confirm her pregnancy.

Her foal is expected early July, right now she’s at ~150+ days of gestation, so I can envision a bunny-sized foal developing inside. It seems a long time to wait, 6 months to go. Coco looks a picture of health, she has short but very thick shiny winter coat with a good shine, rich deep coat colour and a shiny bright eye. She’s always well behaved and good to handle, but you can tell she’s feeling good in her skin and has lots of energy. She’s just a teeny bit pudgy, enough to be comfortable living outside and give her some feminine curves. Coco is the queen of the farm right now, she seems to be the #1 Boss Lady and loves her rank. She is a very vocal mare, and it seems she likes to “shout orders” at the rest of the crew, if they are out of sight, or she spots me returning from a ride on one of the others – she really hollers. Not sure what she’s saying, but the tone conveys it should be obeyed, immediately. I’m not sure if it’s the pregnancy hormones, or her normal rank but she sure seems to have a lot to say some days!

I’m looking forward to seeing how she produces with Diamo Blue. In 2019, I have to decide if we try again with frozen Quintero la Silla as I had planned. Right now, I am still researching her options. With her regal jumper-bloodlines, and her queen-of-the-farm attitude, she’s clearly looking for a prince!

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