2022 Jethro Tull foal

Jumper-bred foal will be for sale in-utero, expected  2022.

Sire:  Up-and-coming star Jethro Tull (I’m Special de Muze/Voltaire/Heartbreaker), 17H.

Dam: Cocarina  Top-dam for sport; a successful athlete + proven producer. Imported Holsteiner 1.40m jumper mare who has already sired a GP jumper!! Sweetest mare passes along her saintly temperament, refined quality and jumping blood. This mare has +++ mileage in the jumper ring, and is a proven producer.

Foal to be branded Hanoverian, also eligible for other registries. See mare’s page for more info.

Cocarina 1Cocarina

Video clips of her 2006 GP jumper foal Carlos: